What Is Happiness?

Season #2

This week on the show Katrina discusses what happiness really is.

After listening to Claire Stevens new Mamamia podcast “But are You Happy” she was inspired to talk further about this topic.

Happiness is something we often don’t fully understand. It is illusive. Sometimes we don’t even know we are unhappy, or we don’t even really think about how content, fulfilled and joyful or thriving we actually are.


In this episode we look at what actually defines happiness and what makes us happy and ways to look at happiness as more than just a fleeting state!


As always this podcast is intended to be educational and entertaining it is not a substitute for medical or psychological support. If you think you might be depressed please seek medical help or call Lifeline 131114 https://www.lifeline.org.au/

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Katrina is a meditation coach and wellbeing educator on a mission to support Rural Women to thrive and get 1000 Rural People Meditating by 2025 

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