I'm Katrina, I teach Rural Women with BIG DREAMS how to go from survive to thrive so they can live the life they truly desire. 



I’m Katrina and I empower rural women to thrive by showing them how to transform their life from the inside out.





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About Me

I’m Katrina, (most people call me Warnie)
I’m an Avocado Farmer a meditation teacher and wellbeing speaker, podcaster, NFP board member, wife and mother to 4!

I’m a lover of life in all it’s glory and challenge and I’m on a mission to get Rural people thriving.
I love avocados (of course) and good food in general. A love of travel runs deep in my soul. (We took the kids travelling for 6 months last year) and I love dancing my arse off and I wish I could do it more! 

I have a deep passion for humans, wholehearted leadership and rural communities. I'm not here for tall poppy BS - I want women to SHINE.
Over the past 20 years I’ve completed a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture, a Masters in Social Science, I’ve worked in private and government roles and travelled and lived all over the world. I’m a qualified coach and meditation teacher and I’ve done countless online courses around wellbeing and online business.

I co-founded the Barham Avocados brand and along with my husband we have quadrupled the size of the business in the last 10 years. I launched my own online business 3 years ago, started 2 podcasts and most recently I’ve added an incredible Air B & B offering to the farm. 

It may sound like I’ve been busy but honestly, I’ve learnt to do it mostly with calm and ease due the incredible amount of work I do to look after my wellbeing and mental health.

After losing my Dad to suicide when i was 15 and having my own ups and downs, I discovered that the quality of your life and your wellbeing is not just luck, there are sooo many things you can do to take charge of your mental health and live the good life. 

I love teaching people how to actually make changes that stick, show up and chase their dreams, with calm and ease, on their terms so they can create a life they love.

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The Rural Rockstar is dedicated to bringing you the tools and inspiration you need to rock your rural life. Are you sick of the overwhelm, self doubt? Do you feel like there's never enough time? I've got you covered.

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Learn How To Meditate

Do you wonder how you would ever be able to sit still long enough to mediate, or how it would fit into your life? Watch my introductory talk all about meditation, the type of meditation I teach and how it's changed my life.

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Transform Your Life

If you want to create a business online, if you want to get healthy, if you want better relationships, if you want more fun, more travel - start today! Dream big and start taking inspired action towards it every single day from now.

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Working with Katrina has been like having guidance and thought-provoking conversations with that firm, impartial friend you often need, but may not have. She provides friendly, sound advice but also calls you out on those underlying gremlins that need to be brought to the surface. Katrina has played an integral part in guiding me on how to make my work enhance my life, and understand that it is okay to feel discomfort and fear when implementing change. 

- Emily Bloom

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