I’m Katrina and I empower rural women to thrive by showing them how to transform their life from the inside out.

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Intentional Goal Setting

This short course will help you to understand the type of goals we need to set so that we achieve them and continue to thrive.

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From Survive to Thrive

Do you struggle to find the beauty in everyday? This masterclass will help you to nourish your relationships with others/ yourself while helping you to build foundational tools to set you up for success.

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Learn How To Meditate

Do you wonder how you would ever be able to sit still long enough to mediate, or how it would fit into your life? Watch my introductory talk all about meditation, the type of meditation I teach and how it's changed my life 

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Lead Your Life

A live, four week, group course for ambitious rural women who are feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and unable to create the life they really want. Together will overcome barriers, and negative self talk to help you live your best life.

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"Working with Katrina has been like having guidance and thought-provoking conversations with that firm, impartial friend you often need, but may not have.

She provides friendly, sound advice, but also calls you out on those underlying gremlins that need to be brought to the surface.
Katrina has played an integral part in guiding me on how to make my work enhance my life, and understand that it is ok to feel discomfort and fear when implementing change"



Who is Katrina Myers?

I'm a farmer, a mother of 4, wellbeing advocate, a change maker and wild women. My mission is to support the next generation of unstoppable Rural women on their personal and leadership growth journey.  We need more women's voices everywhere and I know we need women who know themselves, love themselves and can thrive so they can get those voices out there. I focus on helping women who struggle with overwhelm, self-doubt and imposter syndrome uncover their true purpose and build a foundation of good wellbeing so they can find their voice and rock their lives, families, communities, business and beyond. 

I'm here to support you to go to the next level and create the life of your dreams.  Every woman deserves to shine and I'm here to show you the way x 

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