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I'm Katrina 

Creating the Leaders We need 

My  mission is to support the next generation of unstoppable women on their personal and business growth journey. I believe that every women has the power to find her true purpose and create the life and business of her dreams and we need more women's voices everywhere. I focus on helping women who struggle with overwhelm, self doubt and imposter syndrome uncover their true purpose and build a foundation of good wellbeing so they can create a business that gives them the freedom to enjoy life.

I'm here to support you to go to the next level and create a business and life of your dreams.  Every women deserves to shine and I'm here to show you the way x 

I'm the Co-Host of a podcast called Spreading the Good Stuff. It's a podcast for Regional Women who want to thrive in their work, wellness and families. Along with Leonie Canham and Christy O'Brien from The Splendid Word, we chat about how we manage our struggles and all the tips and tools we use to live the good life. 


Want to Change Your Life? 

It starts with you.  

I know the number one reason why so many women are stuck in survival mode, in a job or life they don't feel fulfilled in is because of stress, overwhelm and lack of clarity. That's why I've made it my mission to support you on your journey to shine by showing you how to build a foundation of good wellbeing to build the life and business you love. We need more female entrepreneurs, leaders and voices everywhere and it's my mission to help you find yours. Creating the life of your dreams doesn't have to be difficult, it's actually a lot of fun and with the right support you'll be building the life you want in no time. 

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4 Week Group Coaching Program 

Learn how you can go from survival mode to thrive to beat the overwhelm and self doubt and live a full-filled life 

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Katrina Myers, Barham NSW 2732

Tel: 0428475442   |     hello@katrinamyers.com.au

Learn to love your life and create the life you were meant to live x