Reflections From IWD

Season #2

This week I riff (and ramble a bit) about International Women’s Day (IWD). Last week I also had the absolute pleasure of being Emcee at the Murray River Councils IWD event. It was such a great day!

On the pod I share some thoughts and reflections on where we are at and I talk about the importance of understanding the behind the scenes for women. Having conversations about what it really takes to “achieve” so much. So often we see women who are doing so much and achieving so much and we praise them for being so amazing (and they are of course) and I think it’s also important to understand - at what cost, or what that really takes.

I also riff on the many ways we disconnect from our true selves, particularly as women and how we can reconnect back and be more present. 

Podcast mentioned: 

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