5 Steps To Actually Make Your Dreams Come True!

Season #2

In this solo episode, I talk about making it happen!   Last week I spoke about finding out what you want, now we're moving into making those dreams come true.   Maybe you've started to get some ideas or clarity, but what you'll find is clarity comes from action.   You don't want to stay stuck in your head thinking about what you want. When you start to take action from the ideas or dreams you have, you will gain clarity if it's truly what you want.   I share 5 steps to actually make your dreams come true: 1. You're not alone - Give yourself a break and have self-compassion. So many people struggle with this journey. 2. Start to learn and understand the brain science of change and how our brains are wired - Our brain likes safety and ease! 3. Manifestation of what you really want. 4. Taking actionable steps towards what you want. 5. Getting support, we're not here to do these things alone, we as humans crave connection.   I also cover extra tools I like to use in my courses and with 1:1 Clients that you can look into: Learning to meditate, reprogramming your subconscious, understanding habit change, visualisation activities, self-hypnosis, tapping.   Find and use the tools that work for you to clear the blocks that are holding you back. Taking the action will move you towards what you want.

Thanks so much for listening, I hope it has been helpful.