Taming The Inner Critic

rural rockstar Jun 24, 2021

Today on the podcast I wanted to speak about taming your inner critic. Most of us would have heard about our inner critic here and there, especially if you are taping into personal development, however, maybe you haven’t heard of it before. 


It shows up in our negative thought patterns and our self-criticism. It is the voice telling us we aren’t good enough, that we have failed. It really is the devil on your shoulder.


Your inner critic can manifest itself in your subconscious. It’s pretty crazy, really. This is why it is so powerful to understand how the inner critic works. 


Being able to identify your thinking and thought patterns can be completely life-changing. 


In this episode, I go on to tell you about my ten-year experience with the inner critic, how I overcame it, and what I do now in order to maintain my positive thought process.


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