Taking The Plunge- Cynthia Mahoney

rural rockstar Aug 30, 2021

Today on the Rural ROckstar I am joined by Cynthia Mahoney. Cynthia is a well-known facilitator, coach, mentor, speaker, and author, with a fiery passion for personal disruption, neuroscience, positive psychology, courageous conversations and more. 


To sum it up, Cynthia is an expert at all things I find myself so interested in. 


Cynthia wasn’t someone who always knew this is what she would do, in fact, Cynthia, like many young people, had no idea what it was she wanted to do. Given that her family were heavily involved in the Agricultural Department in Benella, Cynthia decided to get comfortable with that, pursuing a degree in Ag Science. 


Ag Science turned out to be a great fit for Cynthia as it covered science, economics, sociology, journalism, and so much more. 


After graduating Cynthia pursued a government career working in economics, however, she realised quickly that what she was passionate about what studying the farmers, and how they made decisions around their farming businesses. She undertook her own research to discover that farmers often made decisions based on personal feelings, and what was happening in their lives at that moment. 


For nearly 17 years Cynthia continued to work in this area, very passionately, until she realised she could do more direct work within the community, on her own. 


Cynthia described how for many years she was waiting for a door to open for her, for opportunities to flood in, so she could leave her job and embark on her own journey. That simply did not happen. It took Cynthia to actually resign, with nothing else to fall back on, for her to start having those opportunities flood in.


Cynthia started her practice working with many rural and regional leaders, teams, and communities. Every day she wakes up delighted with her direction, her purpose, and her work. 

See Cynthia’s website here- https://www.cynthiamahoney.com.au/

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