Lousie O'Neil - How to Get Moving and Why It's So Important

Mar 24, 2023

Today’s guest is Louise O’Neil from Farm Life Fitness. You've probably heard of Louise as she was the WA winner of the Agrifutures Rural Women’s award last year in 2022 and she is awesome! In this episode we cover:

- Why physical and mental health are so intertwined.

- Why doing physical work is not the same as exercise for our mental health

- Why it’s so hard to make change and to commit to exercise

- How guilt holds us back more than time!

- A holistic approach to exercise and why starting with your why is so important

- How to make change for the long term

- How to support our partners with getting fit and improving wellbeing.

This was such an awesome chat. We don’t really go in to Louise’s story too much here as I really want to pick her brains for things that can help you but if you want to know more about Louise and her programs you can find all her work here: https://farmlifefitness.com.au/ She also gave us her top podcast recommendations which are: All in the mind The imperfects A Life of Greatness Hamish and Andy (for when you just need a laugh and a switch off) I hope you love this chat as much as I did and if you did like please review and share xxxx