Chantal Corish - How Trauma Affects our Ability to Practice Self Care

Aug 03, 2023

In todays episode Chantal shares her insights on the importance of self care and we dive deep in to how experiencing trauma, not matter how perceived big or small that is, can effect our ability to actually practice self care, self love, and take care of ourselves.

I love that Chantal explained that self care is making sure you have great self awareness. It’s not just nail polish but also it is nail polish!

Although Chantal stresses she is not a trauma expert she gives some great advice on what to do if you want to take steps to deal with your own trauma or you want to support someone you love.

The road to recovery is not always easy, but staying the same often isn’t either. There is no shame in what you have experienced and you can learn to thrive with hope and optimism if you learn the tools.

Resources mentioned:

Dr Bruce Perry on Super Soul Sundays “What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing”.

A bit about Chantal

Goondiwindi-based psychologist Chantal Corish’s journey over the past nearly two decades has been one of deep insight into the lives of the people who make up the bush, and the trials and tribulations they experience from cradle to grave. A mother of three girls, and a farmer’s wife, she has been able to provide deep empathy and care to her clients, always with the goal of making them feel truly seen and heard.

As well as running a psychology practice, Chantal has worked as a speaker, coach and workshop facilitator, providing education and entertainment to countless rural audiences, helping to raise awareness of, and destigmatise the issues surrounding mental health.

During the recent drought years, she was successful in obtaining funding to facilitate ‘Flourish’ well-being workshops for rural women; and ‘Calm Farmer’ workshops for men, particularly those farmers working alone and shouldering the brunt of the ‘big dry’.