Creating a Community with Jackie Elliot

rural rockstar May 21, 2021

This week on The Rural Rockstar Podcast I had the pleasure of speaking with Jackie Elliott, the sensational founder of Rural Women’s Day. 

After growing up in Central Victoria her whole life Jackie took a leap of faith, leaving her family home to attend boarding school in Queensland. Agriculture was in her blood- her siblings and her being the fifth generation of farmers on their land. However, upon graduation, Jackie’s parents picked up and moved their life to Southwest Victoria. This change wasn’t easy for Jackie, but luckily, wherever you are in Regional Australia, it always feels a little bit like home. Jackie continued to work and fall in love with Agriculture. 

Jackie shares her experience of dealing with depression, how she got out of it and what it’s taught her. It’s such a valuable story for us all. 

In 2017 Jackie was asked to share her mental health journey at a conference for the National Centre for Farming Health. This conference wasn’t something Jackie says she was totally ready for, but it was something she feels like now, she needed. This conference helped Jackie to see all the women in Regional Australia that needed to come together. It was this feeling, and her burning passion towards Regional Australia that inspired Jackie to hold the first inaugural Rural Women’s Day event in the Western District in 2019. The event was just the beginning and as you will hear Jackie has gone on to create much more! 

To listen to this episode with Jackie, click here.

If you want to follow Jackie’s journey, head to the follow links:

The Rural Women’s Day- Website

The Rural Women’s Day- Instagram

The Rural Women’s Day- Facebook

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