Motherhood Unlocked with Steph Trethewey

rural rockstar Jun 24, 2021

On today’s episode of The Rural Rockstar I am speaking with Steph Trethewy from Motherland- a podcast that shares the stories of Rural Mum from across Australia. 

 If the name Steph Trethewy rings a bell, it’s likely from her time as a reporter on A Current Affair which took her to Brisbane, Melbourne and in the most romantic of ways, led her to her husband, Sam.

In this podcast, I chat to Steph about falling in love with a farmer, leaving her life in the city for a farm in Tasmania and how she found her way around raising two kids in the country without that all important support network she had known in Melbourne.

Now, not “just” a mum, but also an integral part of her and Sam’s beef business, Steph is an inspiration to women everywhere. She unpacks all the layers there are when it comes to being a working mum, the struggles of trying to be everything to everyone, overcoming confidence issues around being a woman in business and how she manages to wear all the hats that women are expected to in today’s world.

It was such a joy speaking to Steph and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed getting to know a little more about this fabulous woman!


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