The Rural Rockstar Academy 

If you want to go from hot mess to Rural Rockstar this is for you. 

Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tired, like you never have enough time, worrying what people think of you, never having any time for yourself?

It's time to get back to figuring out what it is YOU really want, what YOU really desire so you can live the life you meant to live! 

Get me in

Moving from Surviving to Thriving with Katrina has been such a supportive process that it has almost felt easy! I am so much more aware of my thoughts, compassionate towards myself and able to choose change. 


Working with Katrina has been like having guidance and thought-provoking conversations with that firm, impartial friend you often need, but may not have.She provides friendly, sound advice, but also calls you out on those underlying gremlins that need to be brought to the surface.
Katrina has played an integral part in guiding me on how to make my work enhance my life, and understand that it is ok to feel discomfort and fear when implementing change"


The Rural Rockstar Academy 

You know you want to change, you have this knowing inside you that says you were meant for more but more what?

What is it you want to do? You've had the kids,  you've given up your career, you have a job you don't love but it brings in the cash, you do everything for everyone and you are wondering:

when does it get good? When do I live the life I really want to live?

You are not sure where you "should" be or what you "should" be doing but you don't feel like you are on the right path.

You feel the pressure to stay doing what you are doing and you are too scared to make the decisions you really need to make to live the life deep down you know you want to live, true to YOU. 

This course is for you. 

Together we will get you rocking your Rural Life! 

It's four weeks of live trainings plus Q and A sessions. You can watch live or get the recordings. Via the online learning portal 

There's guided meditations to download and other actionable tools 

There's a facebook group to connect with other likeminded women 

You need this.

You deserve to put yourself first and do this just for you. When you do the work on you, you can show up for those around you in a way that not only makes you feel good but leads the way for them to do it too. 

If you are ready to make change and take action, I would love to show YOU the way. Sign up and see you in there! 

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