Learn to Meditate for Life 


Have you been flirting with the idea of learning to meditate? ✨

Wondering where to start? 🤔

Perhaps you have always believed that meditation is not for you? You have the belief that you "just can't clear your head of thoughts" so you'll never be able to mediate?🌪

Well, I am so excited to be able to show you just how easy it is to meditate and bust some of those myths for you.

I would love to teach you the One Giant Mind Meditation Technique

I am super passionate about helping people make a progressive ongoing change for the better in their lives. 

A short, simple, daily meditation practice is the best way to do this. 

I really believe in teaching people a meditation technique that actually works and gets results and that people can fit into their modern lives.


With the correct training, any person, with any kind of lifestyle can practice meditation to become less stressed, anxious and fatigued and feel more engaged and energetic and enjoy life more.

The course consists of three classes hosted consecutively over three days via Zoom.

Part One – Live Online One on One Session 45 minutes

Part Two – Group Live Online 2.5 hour Class

Part Three – Group Live Online 2.5 hour Class



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What my students are saying.. 

With Katrina's calm, expert guidence I have been able to learn the skills to quieten my busy mind and improve my overall outlook. Katrina's positive energy is infectious and she has given me the motivation and direction I needed to establish a daily meditation practice.

Kate O'Neil