The Art of Resilience

rural rockstar Aug 02, 2021

Welcome to the third conversation in my series with Meg Durham on The Rural Rockstar and as always, its a bloody cracker! 


Today we are going down the rabbit of RESILIENCE! 


In Meg’s words, resilience is our ability to navigate life through its ups and downs as we call upon our internal and external resources. 


This is an interesting definition, as there are so many, ones that especially touch on recovery, and how resilience makes you strong. 


Together, we believe that rushing to recovery and being super resilient misses the point of feeling. We can take external measures to recover (like a bandaid) but we need to go through the whole process to analyse how we are feeling, moving through those thoughts and feelings, while working on the external measures. When we rush to resilience, we pass through understanding the feelings. 


Why is this? Is it because we don’t like to be uncomfortable with our own feelings? 


Resilience calls us to sit with these feelings, nurturing them, and making sense of them. 


This episode really unpacks these two definitions. I hope you will join us by listening.


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