Startups and Slowdowns with Simone Kain

rural rockstar May 21, 2021

In today’s podcast episode I speak with a true Rural Rockstar, Simone Kain. 


Simone was an entrepreneur from the young age of 18, starting business after business. Now, she is a mother, business owner, agricultural leader, and more. 


After searching for farm books for her farm obsessed son, she decided she needed to start her own. One that was entertaining, captivating, and educational for the next generation of farmers. George and Ruby, the main characters became globally known for telling sequential stories about life on the land for children who were curious to learn more. 


Simone Kain has received a number of outstanding awards during her career including the 2017 Agrifutures Rural Women's Award National Runner Up, 2015 NAB Women’s Agenda Regional Entrepreneur of the Year, 2015 winner of the Arts category in the Innovative Women in SA Awards, Advantage SA Regional Speaker in Schools and the South Australian Young Achiever Award (Regional Initiative). She has sat on numerous boards and committees including Agrifutures' Ignite Panel, the Department of Agriculture's Rural R&D for Profit Panel and Regional Development Australia (Limestone Coast) board. Simone has also lectured interactive multimedia at TAFE SA.

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If you enjoyed this episode we know you will love future episodes, as well as we, discuss more: health, well being, overcoming obstacles, and imposter syndrome while living in regional Australia. 


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