Periods, Hormones, Gut Health and More with Hayley Dawson

rural rockstar May 21, 2021

This week on The Rural Rockstar Podcast I had the pleasure of speaking with Hayley from The Rural Naturopath. Hayley was born and raised in regional South West Victoria, falling deeply in love with all things agriculture, and a desire to one day work in it within some capacity. Little did she know what path she would end up on. 

In year 12 Hayley’s health took an unexpected turn, and not for the better. Hayley was falling ill, but couldn’t get any answers. Together with her mum, they went to different doctors where she was told to google IBS and nutritional advice. Once Hayley discovered a Naturopath and was given a customised nutrition plan, her whole life started to change for the better. 

Hayley did indeed go and work in Agriculture, moving to WA with her partner, Lachie, to work, however, she knew what she was doing wasn’t her calling, so on the sly, she started to study Naturopathy and Nutrition, eventually making the move to Geelong to do so full time. While at uni she really sorted out what was going on with her body by changing her diet and making the changes she needed to. 

Her love of agriculture, combined with her passion for health and hormones laid out the perfect opportunity for Hayley to work as a Naturopath, supporting those in regional areas across Australia. While working virtually is new to many of us post-Covid- for Hayley, it has always been her business model. Servicing those who can’t travel, are busy, and lives are dependant on the season. 

Hayley has an incredible business helping regional Australian’s to take control of, and be empowered by their health. I know you will love today’s podcast. 

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If you want to follow Hayley’s journey, click on the following links. 

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