Moving Overseas, Burn Out, and Building a VA Business

rural rockstar Oct 12, 2021


In today’s episode I speak with my Virtual Assistant, Brittany from With, B. Brittany and I connected a little over 6 months ago when I knew that there were aspects of growing my business that I wasn’t strong in. 


In this episode Brittany discusses her journey to Australia from Canada, telling us how she landed in a small town with her now-husband and toddler. 


It was during her journey of motherhood that Brittany decided she wanted to become a lactation consultant, but she needed around $6,000- so she set off to find a business that could help her with that. After a couple of failures, it was suggested Brittany become a VA. Being a VA was foreign to Brittany, as she didn’t even know what one was, however, after much convincing from a friend, she started her business, and with that came success, burn-out, and self-discovery. 


I loved this conversation with Brittany as we get to learn more about her, but also how she managed burn-out, and how she even started her business of being a VA and now Social Media Manager.


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