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rural rockstar May 21, 2021

In today’s podcast episode I speak with a true Rural Rockstar, Sophie Hansen from Orange New South Whales. 


Sophie is an accomplished food writer, educator, farmer, and leader who is located in Regional Australia. Over the past 20 years Sophie has gone from leaps to bounds in her career, starting as a journalist, then a content creator, working with an elite food magazine in Northan Italy, and then in 2016, was awarded the Australian Rural Women of the year. In today’s episode, Sophie tells us about how she has managed to get where she is now, the obstacles, the accomplishments, and all the in-between. 


Sophie gives us her tips for overcoming those awkward moments of vulnerability- everything she does, she does with a specific group of people in mind, her ideal client, her friends and her family. Those moments of self-doubt are normal, and Sophie is no exception. Expressing that it can be challenging for the best of us, no matter how successful. 

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If you enjoyed this episode we know you will love future episodes as well as we discuss more about: health, well being, overcoming obstacles, and imposter syndrome while living in regional Australia. 


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