From Journalist to Impossible Farmher

rural rockstar Aug 10, 2021

Another week has rolled around which means another episode of the Rural Rockstar is upon us, and my guest today is the beautiful Kirsten Diprose. If the name sounds familiar, it's probably because Kirsten worked as a TV and radio reporter for the ABC for many years. Kirsten has since hung up the heels and replaced them with working boots and a whole new lifestyle which she now enjoys on a farm in Caramut with her husband and two boys.

Before meeting her now-husband in a bar in Melbourne (very pre-Tinder style she admits), Kirsten moved from Sydney for a one-year cadetship with the ABC. Once completed, she gained some regional tv experience in Bendigo but found herself back in Melbourne where she resided for 8 further years. That was until the quintessential love story arose and she moved to the land for love.

Together, Kirsten and I talk about the transition from life on the screen to life on the land and balancing motherhood with a career. She offers some fabulous advice on all facets of life. My favourite - "don't have things set in stone, life doesn't work like that".

The ability to be flexible in life is so more important than ever and Kirsten puts it together so eloquently - one of the perks of interviewing a communications specialist I guess!

I hope you enjoy the listen.

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