How I Created My Online Business and Reached My First 5k

Oct 04, 2021

Today I wanted to share a bit more about my journey of creating an online business and how I got to my first 5k months. I get so excited about this topic because I want to show other women what is possible and that they can do this too. 

To me online business for women represents so much opportunity! You can do it from anywhere and it allows you to have an impact while creating freedom and abundance! 

Today I share the journey for me in wanting to start an online business. The different paths I tried and how I have ended up here! 

I also know that getting to the point of actually making money is the hardest part so I want to share all of the journey with you! 

For about 5 years I had wanted to start my own online business. 

I had been very heavily involved in our own farming business.  I did the books, payroll, social media and was very hands on and I actually started an online avocado shop as part of that.. I really enjoyed it in a lot of ways but as I started to do the personal development work and understand more about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses, I realised that I actually was hopeless at the accounting side of things and I'm no good at anything requiring attention to detail. I loved the social media stuff, but I just had this desire to do something more.

I had listened to a million podcasts and I had taken courses and been inspired by many online entrepreneurs who were leading and influencing online and I just knew inside that this was the sort of business I wanted.

For a long time though, I just couldn't crack it. I struggled to get the confidence, to get past the imposter syndrome, I took so many courses, and just kept thinking that I needed another qualification to get the skills. I kept trying to follow a process and a formula to create an online course, but I couldn’t crack what it was that I really wanted to teach on and I didn’t like the old way of sales.

Last year I discovered Kathrin Zenkina and I started to do the money work. I was initially embarrassed to say I was doing money work and that I wanted to manifest money because of old paradigms and societal norms, but now I have realised this is a massive part of the work! And of course it’s Ok to desire money! 

I’ve since discovered lots of women creating the most wonderful online businesses teaching women how to do the work! How to attract money, how to start businesses, how to create more influence and show up online with confidence and this is the business that I have been able to create now too. In this episode I share what you need to create a business and start making money and it’s not necessarily what you would think. 

I am so excited to share with you some of what I have learnt on the journey so far. There is lots more to come and I can't wait! 

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