Empowerment, Confidence, and Working from the Subconscious

Nov 16, 2021

On today’s episode of The Rural Rockstar I am speaking with Fleur McDonald, a West Coast Author, with an incredible 18 novels and children’s books published. Not only is Fleur an author, but an advocate for women, fighting passionately to aid those experiencing domestic abuse with her organisation DVassist. 


After school Fleur decided to pursue a job in Farm Management, however, the roles are given to her, and available to those not from the farms were far and in between, which made the transition into the role difficult, and helped to transition Fleur into Agri-Business, and then eventually led to her first novel in 2007. 


Fleur described her younger self as brow batten and lacking self-confidence, feeling like all she knew was farming and writing. She knew she could make a living from writing, but she needed the motivation and support to write two a year in order to be grounded with purpose, and finance. 


When writing Fleur often takes from personal experience and surrounding landscapes. However, taking girls and women as the main characters, throwing major stones at them, and helping them to walk out the other end stronger and empowered. When writing Fleur says she often operates in her subconscious, getting totally lost in the characters and situations. 


While writing Fleur also works to advocate for Agriculture, and living in Regional/ Rural communities. 


Fleur takes her passion for strengthening women, and communities and blends them together to create these incredibly inspiring novels and children’s book. 


It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Fleur today, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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