Creating A Value Add Business with Tanya Kitto

Sep 21, 2021

In today’s episode, I speak with West Australian, Tanya Kitto. Tanya, and her husband Rob, live 100km from their closest hub of Geraldton, and farm of mostly sandy terrian. After a difficult season of farming their family knew they needed to diversify what they were doing on the farm. Rob and his father were always inspired by human-grade consumption of Lupins, but they weren’t sure how to spread the word about their brilliant properties, or really, how to monetise them. 


In a twist from the Universe, Tanya was diagnosed with Chrones disease which halted her from eating foods containing Gluten. With the knowledge of what she already knew of Lupins, and what her husband and his family had been researching and working on for years, My Provincial Kitchen started to really blossom. 


My Provincial Kitchen became Tanya’s additional child, taking up much of her time. Tanya became passionate about supplying others with products that could be consumed by those with gluten allergies in a safe but delicious way. 


Tanya and Rob built a budding business out of My Provincial Kitchen, but not without their hurdles, including the most recent hurdle, a devastating cyclone that ripped through their region during Seeding, which resulted in the loss of most of their stored Lupins and storage for the upcoming season. 


In this episode, I speak with Tanya about being a passionate Farmer, Business Owner, and Innovator in their industry. It was so interesting to speak with someone on the West Coast and I look forward to many more conversations with Tanya, and others in WA.