C-Word ~ Confidence

rural rockstar Jul 26, 2021

Welcome to my second chat with Meg Durham on The Rural Rockstar and I must say, it’s an absolute cracker. Today we are unpacking a topic I think we can all admit to struggling with and that is the big C word - CONFIDENCE. What is it, and how the hell to you get it?!


Confidence is complex, so it’s no wonder so many women struggle with it. But if there’s a quick takeaway from this podcast, it’s that it all stems from developing a sense of faith and trust in yourself. When you hear the term ‘confidential’, you put your trust in another party that your information is safe. Confidence on a personal level, is extending that same trust within. Whatever happens in life, you have enough trust in yourself that you can show up for it. And if things don’t go as planned, the courage to manage it anyway.


The best thing about confidence is it’s an entirely learnable and teachable concept. Meg shares a few tips on how to cultivate it and how to work through the sense of discomfort that comes with gaining more of it.


I always love my chats with Meg, on and off the air, but I feel like this one is a really important listen for so many people out there.


I hope you enjoy this podcast with myself and my dear friend Meg Durham and found as many helpful take away’s as I did!

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