Advice From One Of Australia's Regional Rockstar Leaders

rural rockstar Aug 24, 2021
Photos of Katrina and Georgia beside each other in front of a pink background.

Welcoming another week with another episode of The Rural Rockster and you'll just have to excuse me on this one because I am in full fan girl mode as I speak to the amazing Georgie Somerset.

About 10 years ago, Georgie and I connected via Twitter in a bit of a watercooler scenario. Since then, Georgie has been high on my radar as I continue to admire all the amazing things she does for regional development across Australia. Among many other positions representing rural Australia, Georgie is a current member on the board of the ABC which is quite fitting given how passionate she is about regional communications, making sure people get their stories told, and having great public broadcasting.

There are so many takeways and little golden nuggets throughout our chat. Georgie has an amazing wealth of experience and with that, so much knowledge and wisdom to lend to those who come after her. In fact, she is extremely passionate about the next generation - their voice of youth and enthusiasm and the energy and skills they can bring to the table.

One of my favourite topics throughout was Georgie's emphasis on the importance of 'scaffolding'. A term which implies exactly what you'd think. Having people around you for support and to build you higher. Whether you're a chair or a CEO, you cannot be without solid scaffolding. I'd expect nothing less from someone as wise as Georgie, but honestly, what an amazing analogy!

I could write for hours unpacking all the things we discussed but I think it's best you just give this podcast a listen for yourself.

I will just leave you with something Georgie said that really struck a chord with me and that was 'Your goals will shift but your purpose and values that are what remain'. Total music to my ears!

Enjoy the listen my friends!

K x


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