Decluttering Your Life with Lou Hammer

rural rockstar Jun 24, 2021

This week on The Rural Rockstar Podcast I had the pleasure of speaking with Lou Hammer, who I actually went to school with. Lou, also known as “One Day PA” is a woman who knows her stuff when it comes to juggling the balls, managing a business and family, and is totally inspiring. 


One Day PA was born after Lou had her second child. She wanted to simply help busy women to get stuff done. How bloody good! Lou was still working her full-time job when she started this business, but whether her business blew up, shehad to resign from her job and get organising full time. Now, her business has an expansion plan, and the opportunity to grow, all by helping women manage their lives better.


In this interview, we discuss her top tips for organisation in the house, and in your business and general life! 


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If you want to follow Lou’s journey, click on the following links. 


One Day PA- Instagram 

One Day PA- Website

One Day PA- Facebook

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